Nashville… The City is Shy


Nashville… The City is Shy

Here are the beginnings of a city’s story and they can be difficult to see. For these parts of a city’s story are shy.


Nashville: A city revealed not in grand gestures but in whispers.

The story of a city, like the story of a life, cannot be found because you look for it. It has to find you. You stand still long enough, eventually it walks by. And it speaks. What that city says to you will depend on what you are listening for.


Page from Philip's Nashville journal

Featuring quotes from McKinlee Prince-Jeffries

At a very young age McKinlee Prince-Jeffries had difficulty with school work. After years of doctors’ evaluations and school evaluations failed to determine the problem one school administrator told McKinlee’s mother maybe she should face the reality McKinlee may not be capable of the work and should look at enrolling in a “special” school, one better suited for her seeming incapabilities.

But her mother knew this wasn’t true. Following her motherly instinct she went to yet another physician for an evaluation. She said when they entered this doctor’s office he took one look at McKinlee and said he knew the problem. Tests soon after revealed he was correct: McKinlee was diagnosed with a form of epilepsy.

Her problem wasn’t a lack of intelligence or capability. They learned that she had most likely been having mini seizures throughout her life. They put her on medication and immediately she blossomed.

Now she attends an elite prep school and is hoping to go to law school or maybe become a writer.

Her struggle has made her empathetic and thoughtful. Her journal is full of poetry and wise words.

McKinlee speaks for Nashville when she says…

"The Door Is Closing.

As the door closes,

Speak up for yourself.

Keep your gloves on.

Stay put.

Learn how to protect your name.

Complete your course with class.

No matter what,

Complete your course."


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