The Nashville Bodyguard


The Nashville Bodyguard

JC Shegog: Soldier. Policeman. Bodyguard. Nashvillian.

When Shaquille O’Neil comes to Nashville he counts on JC and his security crew to accompany him.

We met JC in August 2019 during a clandestine operation on a backroad in Nashville. He was there to guard Cyntoia Brown on the night of her release from prison. I was there to document the moment.


Even in the spotlight it looks like he is in shadow.

The following day I was with JC and his crew again when Cyntoia and her husband Jaimie met with Cyntoia’s publicist at his Nashville home to discuss the release of her book. And several days later when Cyntoia was re-introduced to family and friends at private dinner. Then again on her first day attending church with her new Nashville church family.

Throughout the autumn following Cyntoia’s release I attended many events with her and Jaimie, public and private, each time accompanied also by JC and his security crew.

One day during an interview and photo shoot with Cyntoia for Essence Magazine JC and I found ourselves chatting again while waiting. I found his work fascinating–he is always in the shadows of people in bright lights. He is always watching, waiting, protecting.

As he spoke I thought how profound a role he serves in the world. And I turned the camera on him and made this photograph.

I like how the light is obscure. Even in the spotlight it looks like he is in shadow.

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