Sylvan Park Wheat Paste


Sylvan Park Wheat Paste

Two stories come alive on an ordinary wall in Sylvan Park.

They are two stories telling one story: Fighters.

These are stories about fighters– young boxers in a ring fighting for a future at the Standard Gentlemen’s Brawl, and the story of a girl fighting for her life– McKinlee Prince-Jeffries.

Pat Terry owns the building, an old coin laundry that has been in his family for many years. Attached to the legendary “Jack’s Market.” We said we wanted to cover his walls with a couple of photos and Pat asked, “What kind of photos?”

We said, “Photos of your neighbors… from different zip codes.”

Pat said, “Cool” and asked how we were going to attach the photos.

“Basically we are going to glue them to your walls. It’s the old-fashioned technique called ‘wheat pasting.'” Pat said, “Will it come off?”

We said, “Probably not very easily. We will have to repaint the walls when we are done.”

Pat said, “Cool.”

We moved forward with the installation and on a day that was a little too chilly, we learned the art of wheat pasting by trial and error. Scooter from Jarvis Signs joined us to lead the team in our first We Are Nashville wild posting.

Sylvan Park


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