Snow Day


Snow Day

Thank goodness for the first snow.

It was a reminder- no matter how old you became and how much you’d seen-things could still be new if you were willing to believe they still mattered.

The day gives us gifts. My friend texted me this morning:

“Extreme changes in weather like this ground us. Even the most mundane things are beautiful.”

I had anticipated the magic. I watched the big flakes fall through still air at midnight. I knew from experience we were in for a rare treat in the morning. The cold days had frozen the ground and given the snow a foundation. The stillness and the big flakes were accumulating undisturbed. And the temperature would rise to just below freezing–the “Goldilocks” zone for powder.

In my experience, even those who fight the snow every winter year after year find the first covering a delight. But in a place like Nashville, where snow rarely falls and even more rarely accumulates, a big, fluffy powder like this draws out the magic almost like it’s Christmas again. The wonder sends us to our closets and drawers for boots and sweaters and coats and scarves and leads us outside. I was surprised how many feet had preceded me into the wooded walking trails in Nashville’s Sylvan Park neighborhood. I was not alone.

The day gives us gifts.

On Buchanon Street in North Nashville, even chores didn’t seem like chores to one man, David. He said he was moving a friend. They had planned the moving day and loaded the truck the night before so he was going ahead with it despite the streets being almost totally covered in snow. I had spotted David because as he passed it appeared he was being followed along the snowy avenue by a dog. Sure enough, it was true. The dog outpaced his truck and went in front like herding sheep. David pulled onto a side street, opened the driver’s door and the dog leaped in. “His name is Fleet,” David said. “Not even my dog! It’s my roommate’s dog. But I guess he likes me more.”

David on Buchanon Street

Even chores don't seem like chores


Back in West Nashville the most famous puppy in Sylvan Park–Opry the Goldendoodle– was playing with pal Nolla the Aussiedoodle and their friend Cam Arnold. Clearly even the dogs feel the magic.

The McCabe Golf Course transformed into a living Norman Rockwell scene, complete with a mother pushing a snow-proof stroller with a sleigh-riding kid in tow.

As I was about to call it a day I came upon a family of four who were definitely people after my own heart. Geoff and Julie Dennie, along with Mav, 4, and Clare, 2 (almost), were making use of the family laundry basket for a fun day of sledding.

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Snow Day