Number One Dance Show


Number One Dance Show

On the stages of the Printer’s Alley speak-easies

Tyrone Smith’s Super T Revue is one of many regular bands on the stages of the Printer’s Alley speak-easies, places like legendary Bourbon Street Blues Boogie Bar and Skulls. Decked out in his signature red cape and blue spandex and accompanied by his big band it is a different kind of night out in “Music City.” In Printer’s Alley, the locals mingle with the tourists in a special way, with the local population often outnumbering visitors. Locals are especially fond of pointing out the diversity of crowds in this historic Nashville neighborhood. Nashville boasts of having more than two hundred live venues to choose from every day. With most of the venues concentrated on and around Broadway, there are clusters of venues around the city. Printer’s Alley is one of the largest clusters of live music venues and is only a few minutes walking distance from Broadway.

Printer's Alley

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