Al’s Angel


Al’s Angel

Al’s house was spared from the tornado

When a deadly tornado tore across Al Baugh’s neighborhood in North Nashville in March of 2020 uprooting trees and tearing apart houses his house was spared. He credits his yard angel. His angel and God, he says.

The tornado uprooted a tree and it collapsed on the front of the house. Al was standing in the door trying to get out when it happened. “See where it come down?,” he said. “That’s where she was sittin’. If that post would have came out, the whole house would have collapsed.” After workers cut the tree Al said he put the angel on the stump. Picked up her broken wing and put it beside her. “I got up. I put her right there. I said, ‘Thank you, Baby. Thank you.’”

If that post would have came out, the whole house would have collapsed

His wife Dianne bought the angel twelve years ago, he said. She put the angel in a garden out front. Dianne died two years after and he moved the angel to the porch. She has sat there ever since.

Al talked about the neighborhood. A lot has changed in the years he has been in his house. Nashville is changing, he said. But it’s still kind. “This is my city, The Ville,” Al said. Then he chanted, “N.A.S.H.V.I.L.L.E. My city.” Al said he worked at Belmont University. “Twenty-two years,” he said. He was in charge of setting up events. “If you came from New York or you were having a meeting I was the one who took care of it. Met lot’s people.”

Al and the photographer
A conversation about Al's angel

Al said his house will be repaired and he will keep living in it. Probably will have to redo the paint job his wife organized so many years ago. “Purple was her favorite color.”

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