91. We Are Nashville murals INSTALLATION: Rosa Parks/Standard cafe patio wall.

Some might call this street art. What these outdoor installations really accomplish is a public gallery. What better way to publish a family portrait of a city than to publish it on the walls of the city!

A handsome young boxer with thick black hair, close-cropped and pushed back in classic crew style, sits in corner of boxing ring in dim lit room with person wearing black medical cloves standing above him. The boxer, visible from waist up, has his right gloved hand raised to his shoulder, has his body facing outward into the ring, and has his head turned to look at the raised hand of the the person standing over him. His body is covered in beads of sweat. He looks stunned. Behind the boxer on a wall close to the ring hangs a long painted cloth banner. The banner appears old. The painting is of a stout, bare-chested man with thick mustache curling at ends and standing in a boxing ring with his bare fists held forward. He wears vertical striped skinny trousers with wide waistband reaching to his middle stomach. Words at the bottom of the banner spell out "The Gentelme[n's] Bra[wl]."

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