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Discovering the soul of Nashville in a family portrait of familiar strangers.

Table of Contents

The “We Are Nashville” story begins

Alt Txt samples A black teen girl in white dress with long, natural, dark, straight hair sits in large leather chair and looks directly at camera while white teen girl with long, natural, straight, sandy hair, dressed in black tight shirt tucked into beltless, bleached denim jeans sits on arm of chair leaning against other girl and looks at camera with her head slightly tilted away from girl. A lamp is barely visible at right side of photo with a blurred photograph of man in top-hat with rifle in hand in frame on table. The chair sits at an angle in a corner with the girls against a wall. The wall is covered in hand-written signatures. The coloring of the photo is warm yellow-orange and the white girl is partially in shadow. The effect of the photograph makes it look like a painting and the white girl resembles the famous Mona Lisa.

1. This is the first photo we will show you of Nashville and its neighborhoods…

a photograph of the top page of a hand-written journal.

2. First impressions of Nashville neighborhoods written in the journal: She asked, “Do you like the city [of] Nashville?”

Two young men in baggy clothes stand over an old woman lying in a hospital bed. They are in an apparent hospital room surrounded by monitors and equipment. The two men stand on opposite sides of her bed. They each have one hand on the woman's head and their heads are bowed. Her face is lighted and shows pain or joy with eyes closed.

3. Rose’s father Jimmy prays for Michael’s dying mother in West Nashville

Young people dressed in formal gowns and tuxedos with tales and wearing over the shoulder sashes, congregate at the end of a long, marble and stone patio under a high canopy of leafy vines on metal trellis. To the left a fountain is visible next to a curved descending staircase with stone walls. To the right wood vines the size of elephant trunks form giant braids that are the pillars for the canopy. A young woman in a light-toned gown drinks from a wine glass as she walks behind a man toward the crowd. Beyond and below the patio is a vast landscape of hills and trees barely visible due to the overexposure of light.

4. It is a grand Southern affair, Nashville’s Swan Ball at historic Cheekwood Estate.

Boxers in center of ring with referee at left. Black and white photograph. Ring appears smaller than typical and the crowd stands at the ropes and appear to mostly be dressed in formal clothes--black tie and gowns. A single bright light illuminates the two fighters while the crowd is in dark shadow. One boxer is punching with body forward and one arm fully extended. The other boxer is ducking and barely dodging the punch.

5. A Gentlemen’s Brawl in Nashville: The final fights, 14 September 2019.

A line of young women in flowing, embroidered, ankle-link dresses and wearing sandals dance side by side holding hands in a grass and dirt field in the daytime. The women all have dark hair and similar facial features. One woman holds two smart phones in her hand while gripping another's fingers. Black and white photograph.

6. The things they left behind: An audio adventure, from Nashville to Kurdish Iraq.

Head and shoulders view of young black boy dressed in white linen robe and head cloth with only his face visible. He is standing with chin slightly down and eyes open. Close behind him is a white with a slightly visible geometric pattern in grayish brown. His brown face is correctly exposed but the cloth and curtain and overexposed and give the appearance of glowing.

7. Jace is Baptized, 25 August 2019 at Temple Baptist Church in North Nashville.

Side view of a musical act on small stage surrounded by faces of crowd against low balcony with ornate French-style metal railing decorated with thick braid of oversized beads: A woman sings at microphone, standing with arms lifted high, palms open, head tilted backward, dressed in skin-tight silver, sparkling jumpsuit. She is surrounded by men blowing in brass instruments; their faces mostly obscured by instruments, arms, hands, and microphones due to the angle of the photograph. Performers are bathed in a mostly warm reddish-orange light with the crowd at balcony and beside stage bathed in mixture of pink/purple/blue/mint green light. The performers are all black, the crowd is a mixture of whites and blacks.

8. “The number one dance and show band in the world…” plays in historic Printer’s Alley, a legendary Nashville neighborhood.

9. We partnered with Nashville’s THE CONTRIBUTOR street newspaper so you could easily find the stories while also discovering people in need.

Two young women seated opposite one another on tall, white-painted wood benches at small table covered in green and white checkered table cloth smile and look outside through floor to ceiling plate glass window while third girl stands sideways by table looking down at smartphone with left arm raised palm open. The word "CHICKEN" is painted on window and visible in upper left corner of photo. Below this word is a partially visible dash mark and number "-9442" and the words "PICK UP." At right side of photo an old-looking white paper sign the size of a car license plate hangs inside the glass window with thin black words "we're Open." Above this a small hand-written sign hangs from a chain listing business hours: "Sundays/Mondays: Closed; Tuesdays: 11:30am to 10pm; Wednesdays: 11:30am to 10pm; Thursdays: 11:30am to 10pm; Fridays 11:30am to 4am; Saturdays: 12pm to 4am." A green tree and plant sit behind the bench at right in front of white painted trellis. A black and white tile floor is partially visible. Beyond the three girls a brightly lit but small room is visible with people standing and sitting in various places at other tables and benches. On right side of the room is a bright red partition and wall with a chicken cut-out sitting on top of wire stem on the partition. At the far back of the room several people stand at a partially visible counter. On the wall behind the counter are posters and signs, one of which appears to be a menu.

10. Nashville Hot Chicken begins and ends at Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack.

Three African American people sit in a small, naturally lit room. A large young man in flowing white t-shirt extends his left hand holding what appears to be a hand-rolled cigarette while he speaks across a room. He is seated in front of a glass table covered with ceramic mugs, a plastic cup, pack of cigarettes, thick wallet, bottle of "Tums," butane lighter, single sheet of notebook paper, cd with no jewel case, and many other items. On his far right across the room and partially obscured by window light filtering through fog of smoke two young people are seated next to each other on a love seat sofa. The young woman wears a hair cover and has a blanket over her legs. The young man beside her is shirtless. The woman appears to face the large man in flowing white t-shirt while the shirtless man faces the same direction as the other man. Black and white photograph.

11. The popsicle option: Big E on keeping young people out of gangs and off the streets of Nashville neighborhoods

Young girl with worried expression stares at camera while seated at an angle on edge of upholstered chair set flat against bare wall. Behind the girl on adjacent wall is an open door revealing a closed older model storm door and the outside and bright daylight. On the carpeted floor in front of the storm door is a partially visible rectangle rug. One large sneaker shoe sits on the edge of the rug at an acute angle. The girl is lit from behind by the bright natural light coming through door that catches on some of her hair brightly. Her face and body are in shadow but her face and bare shoulders are softly lit by reflected light. She wears a dark boat-cut top (off shoulder) and her thick dark hair falls over her bare shoulders. Her shoulders are slightly sunken forward and her arms come forward (toward her lap that is out of view in bottom of image). Black and white photograph.

12. Rose on the eve of destruction in Nashville’s Preston Taylor Projects.

Hand-written journal with photos pasted onto the paper.

13. McKinlee Prince-Jeffries, 16, says, “Learn how to protect your name.”

Side view of pregnant woman standing at a curtain-covered window. She is in simple, one-shade dress and has her hands resting on top of her belly with her head bowed. Black and white photo with stark contrasts of light and dark, the curtain reveals a bright rectangle of light behind her. Her face is delicately lit by reflected light coming through the rectangle. Her hair is long blond.

14. The Secret Life of a House is the real story of Nashville neighborhoods.

A group of young women i black formal dresses wait in like next to a serving window at a casual restaurant.

15. Prince’s Hot Chicken is more than a restaurant, it is a Nashville melting pot of people and culture.

Viewed from over the shoulder of dark-haired man in plaid shirt, a young women sings next to two musicians in traditional Mexican Mariachi suits at night under artificial light in the outdoors next to a house and yard. The young woman is in light-colored dress with neckband and waist featuring traditional Mexican-style embroidery. She is in the right side of the photograph and is the only subject brightly lit, all else is in shadow of night, including the partially visible man whose shoulder fills up the lower left portion of the photograph. The young woman faces left across the photo and has left arm straight at her side and her right hand placed palm against her stomach. Her eyes and closed and her mouth partially open. The musician closest to her is a large, dark-haired middle aged man facing her and playing a traditional Mexican Guitar (Guitarrón--an oversized guitar with bulbous backside) held high against his belly and chest. Beside him and further in distance a man plays the trumpet. Black and white photograph. 

16. Lorena and family live “The American Dream” in new Nashville.

17. We Are Nashville murals INSTALLATION: Printers Alley between Church and Union in downtown Nashville

18. This is a photo of the moment Cyntoia Brown was set free in Nashville

19. She is a reluctant protestor: DACA recipient Lorena Mateos marches along Nashville’s West End Avenue to guard the only home she has known.

Older woman seated and wearing a red t-with "Prince's Hot Chicken" printed in white on front sits in black office chair with identical shirt pulled over the chair back speaks to a young boy and girl next to her (both wearing blue t-shirts with identical writing to hers) and the girl wearing a plaid skirt and the boy wearing khaki shorts. They are in a room cluttered with a glass front cooler with bottled water, a stack of bread holders, and various restaurant equipment.

20. Lingering into the late hours with people like Miss Andre’ Prince-Jeffries of Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack is how this story is made…

21. Jimmy said his girls were living in complete squalor before coming to live with him in the Nashville neighborhood of Preston Taylor.

Young girl in t-shirt and jeans lies on top of a stone and mortar platform overlooking a vast open field surrounded by trees under a sky of dark stratocumulus clouds. A handwritten note in black ink is written across the top portion of the photograph in the clouds. The girl is in the center of the platform with her torso forward, her cheek resting on the wall edge facing camera and her dark hair falling over the edge. Her face and cheeks are visible. She appears to be sleeping. Her arms lay parallel to her chest with her hands folded and laying on the stone in front of her face. Her thighs lay across the platform hiding her lower legs behind her. Next to her knees is a plastic bottle of water. Far below in the field at left a man is walking behind a child on a bicycle with the front wheel at edge of photo. Far below in the field at right is a parked pickup truck and suv with people on the lawn in front of them. The trees are leafless. Black and white photograph.

22. Rose and Clare are united by a Nashville neighborhood park even though the two have yet to meet.

Color illustration featuring identical photographs, one color and one black and white, with handwriting between them. The photograph is of a close-up view of a wooden utility pole with thousands of nails and screws protruding from it and showing the lower portion of a handwritten sign attached to the pole with clear tape. The visible portion of the sign shows "10-27-19" above a thick blue arrow pointing leftward. Below the arrow shows "38th & NEBRASKA."

23. Ehab and the 500-story telephone pole in the Nashville neighborhood of Sylvan Park.

Middle-aged man wearing dark blue one-piece utility suit and a bright red toboggan cap crouches in an oval-shaped metal hatch (doorway) facing the camera. His right foot-in a black boot--is propped on the hatch threshold with his right forearm laying across his right thigh and hand dangling at wrist. His left hand grips a lever attached to the threshold. He peers into a small, mechanical space painted industrial green and lined by pipes and wires and industrial boxes with vented fronts, most painted an identical industrial green. Stenciled writing is visible on many pipes, support beams, and mechanical pieces. The metal hatch door is opened into the small space and rests against a mechanical box, and is also painted the same green. A square metal plate is attached to the door at the top with a symbol: Red letter "Z" inside a red circle. Behind the man in a narrow passageway sitting on the floor is a red cylinder tank with black hoses set in its top.

24. Captain Vic Scoggin works to save the Cumberland River and to protect his boyhood Nashville neighborhood.

25. We Are Nashville: “Soccer Mom.” 9:39

Square black and white illustration with overlay of one color. Close up black and white photograph of woman and man in shadowed room standing in bright natural light. The woman's face is tilted upward with eyes open toward source of light. The man is beside and slightly behind her with bowed head and closed eyes. A translucent vertical red/pink band of color covers the back of the woman's head and her shoulder at the far left portion of the illustration. In upper right quadrant are printed words that are stacked and right justified: "A FAMILY PORTRAIT." Below these words in small type are these words: "PART TWO OF SIX."

26. Cyntoia Brown-Long walks in a garden on her first day of freedom.

Side view of older woman in multi-pattern dress lifting infant in white dress high above her, holding the child beneath the arms from behind so the child faces outward. The child is framed by a completely clear sky. People surrounding the woman and infant applaud. A young woman with blond hair, flower pattern dress and wearing sunglasses fills the left side of the photograph. Her hands are together as if clapping. A pair of clapping hands are visible at the far right side of the photograph in the foreground. These hands block the view of the face of a woman in a dress with hands folded together by her waist. A man in dress pants, dress shirt, and ball cap stands on far side in center of image and claps. In the background is a low stone wall and behind that trees.

27. Christening “Little Clare” at Cockrill Spring–a piece of Nashville history hidden in a corner of Centennial Park.

Elderly man holds a large paper photograph in two hands viewing it while leaning over a table top covered with stack of similarly sized photographs. The man, facing right, is dressed in dark dress slacks and dark plaid shirt buttoned to the wrists. He fills the frame from his forehead to knees just left of center. The photograph he views is of three children in heavy coast on a muddy road surrounded by barren trees. The photo on the top of the stack on the table is of a group of thirteen African-American youths in 1960's-style suits and dresses. A christmas tree pillow sits on the table by the photos. A sofa is behind the man against a wall beside a lamp next to a window with long curtains. He wears dark rimmed glasses. Black and white photograph.

28. Nashville history is national history: Photojournalist Jack Corn and Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty.

A heavy-set bearded young man in light-toned cowboy hat and dark shirt plays guitar seated at large round table with young woman in tight black dress. The table is covered with black cloth. More than a dozen different types of glasses, plates, and cutlery sit on the table. The young woman is at the right end of the table and in the bottom center of the photograph. She is seated on front edge of a dark, upholstered chair with decorative silver upholstery pins at edges. She has long sleeves and and rests her left forearm on table while reaching with her right hand toward a tall cigar ash can on table top. She is holding a cigarette in right hand and blowing a long cone of smoke across the table that partially obscures the face of the guitarist who is seated to her right on far side of table. Behind the woman is a large, square painted canvas. Below the canvas is a narrow table holding several wine bottles, wine glasses, and an unlit pillar candle. Behind the man on the adjacent wall is a similar, smaller vertical rectangle painted canvas hung between two tall windows with several layers of victorian-style curtains covering the windows and tied back with knotted ropes. In top right quadrant of photo three small bell-shaped lights hang side by side in staggered lengths from thin metal stems surrounded by a cloud of swirling smoke coming from the woman's exhale.

29. Paul Cauthen and the birth of a song at a private dinner in Nashville.

People sit at a row of tables next to a bar in dim lit room. Draped above the bar behind the people on left side of photo and draped above a wide threshold in the background of the photo are curtains with string lights. The tables go from close-up at the bottom right to the center of photo, left of the threshold. Likewise the perspective of the bar is close-up at left running to the upper third of the photograph. A curtain with string lights runs up the left side of the photo. The space above the bar is brightly lit by unseen lights in an adjacent space. One small bell-shaped light hangs over the middle of the bar. Several beer bottles sit at various places on the bar. A group of older African-American women sit around the three tables in the forefront. An older black woman with short, light hair illuminated by the light from the bar is seated on left side of second table and has her arms raised, hands open, as if reaching toward the camera. She is smiling. A tall metal stem with white card and number "11" sits on her table. Various drink glasses, small plates, and styrofoam containers can be seen on the tables.

30. “Grown Folks Night Out” at Carol Ann’s Home Cooking Cafe is an adventure into another side of Nashville music history.

Young African-American girls in red sequin leotards and some in red t-shirts stand or sit in various positions on stairs, sidewalk, and lawn in front of small red brick church with white painted wood trim. In the center of the photograph is a large figure splitting the image in two: a sideview of a right-facing girl in red sequin leotard with long red sleeves. She fills the frame from top of her forehead to middle of her thighs. She has long black hair in a top-knot with a thick, flowing ponytail descending to middle of her back. She wears a red sequin headband, white glitter eyeshadow, and bright red lipstick with lips slightly open as if about to speak or sing. Her shoulders are pushed back and her rib cage protruding forward. She holds red pom-poms at her hips. In the background to the right a similarly dressed young girl leans over an open, red duffle bag on a sidewalk while a girl in red t-shirt stands on green church lawn and another girl in red t-shirt and jeans sits on church stairs. In the background to the left two little girls in red t-shirts and black leggings walk arm in arm toward another little girl in red sequin leotard who holds two pom-poms above her head. Behind her a teen girl in red sequin leotard stands with white-gloved hands in the air near her hips.

31. Marching along side The Jewels of Distinction in the grand ole TSU Homecoming parade: October 2017

Older man with neck-length white hair and white goatee, and wearing black woven cowboy hat, black dress shirt with thin, white embroidery across chest and back shoulders, plays guitar before a small crowd in small room. He fills the right third of the photo, his body facing leftward. A music stand is in front of him with white paper. String lights cover the ceiling, with two pan lights among them, and are blurred along with the crowd in the background due to narrow depth field of photo. A shoulder brace holds a harmonica in front of him. His head is turned away from the crowd and he looks over the neck of his guitar held in his left hand. His right arm extends upward in front of him. Finger picks are visible on thumb and two fingers.

32. Releasing a piece of Nashville music history: Chris Gantry “At the House of Cash”

Older man with neck length white hair and white goatee plays guitar seated at large round table in dim-lit room. He is partially illuminated by a small, bright light from a cell phone held by a woman next to him that illuminates his face, guitar front, and an open notebook on the table in front of him between wine glasses. The rest of the photograph is dark and barely visible. A group of people are seated around the table who watch the man play. The table is covered with various drink glasses, small plates, and cutlery. A tall, single-stem candelabra sits in the center of the table with glass vase and flame on top. Behind the man is a fireplace topped by mantle with ornate trim and covered with greenery and ribbons. Above the mantle hangs a large victorian-style picture frame surrounding a dark rectangle with black rhinoceros horn protruding from middle.

33. Six hands, one guitar: Chris Gantry, Paul Cauthen, and Daniel Donato prove the new Nashville is the same as the old.

Close up of elderly woman with white hair and wearing a paisley print blouse plays the accordion. The woman, right facing, fills two thirds of the photo. The accordion keyboard is visible with her right hand on the keys at bottom of frame. Her head is tilted back with her eyes closed. She is smiling. To the woman's left and in the background of the photo a person plays a console upright piano and is blurred due to narrow depth of field. Black and white photograph.

34. A church in The Nations: New Nashville neighborhoods informed by the old.

Close up head and shoulders view of boy with close-cropped blond hair with head turned sideways with face and eyes illuminated by natural light in a room of shadows. His hair is a side part with dramatic tuft on top. He wears a light-toned bomber-style nylon jacket with thin elastic collar over white crew-neck t-shirt. A string of small beads hangs around his neck descending his chest.

35. Ed Eason plays the biggest stages in the world but his favorite stage is at his Nashville home.

36. The introductory pages to part one of the six-part We Are Nashville story series published in The Contributor newspaper benefitting the homeless.

We are Nashville hand written journal entry about Nashville neighborhoods

37. In Nashville neighborhoods people are often bigger than our stories allow them to be…

38. Tyler Tate celebrates his birthday at the Bobby Hotel in downtown Nashville.

39. The Omohundro Water Treatment Plant is a working piece of Nashville history and a clue to the city’s good character.

Rose stands in front of the We Are Nashvill Murals installation in Printer's Alley

40. We Are Nashville murals INSTALLATION: Printers Alley II: Rose, Clare and Nashville’s parks.

Man holds screen door as another person enters a small vine-covered craftsman-style house. House is surrounded by small, spindly leafless trees and has folded lawn chairs leaning against various places on side of house. A small satellite disk is on peak of roofline. A tall slat wood privacy fence connects to side of house on right side of photo. A large covered grill sits against the fence next to fixed-frame lawn chair. A black cat runs across peat gravel in foreground. At bottom left of photo.

41. Wayne Moss and his Cinderella studio: Cinderella Street, Madison, Tennessee

A handsome young boxer with thick black hair, close-cropped and pushed back in classic crew style, sits in corner of boxing ring in dim lit room with person wearing black medical cloves standing above him. The boxer, visible from waist up, has his right gloved hand raised to his shoulder, has his body facing outward into the ring, and has his head turned to look at the raised hand of the the person standing over him. His body is covered in beads of sweat. He looks stunned. Behind the boxer on a wall close to the ring hangs a long painted cloth banner. The banner appears old. The painting is of a stout, bare-chested man with thick mustache curling at ends and standing in a boxing ring with his bare fists held forward. He wears vertical striped skinny trousers with wide waistband reaching to his middle stomach. Words at the bottom of the banner spell out "The Gentelme[n's] Bra[wl]."

42. Honduran immigrant Carlos Martinez fights for his life on a Saturday night in Nashville…

43. We Are Nashville murals INSTALLATION: 9th Ave N between Church and Commerce (overlooking the new Amazon construction)

44. Nashville’s McKinlee Prince-Jeffries: “I have it all together”

45. Pure Nashville is Nashville at the table: Paul Cauthen sings for his dinner.

46. Big E’s sanctuary is with his mother in her North Nashville neighborhood.

47. We Are Nashville murals INSTALLATION: On the side wall of the laundromat and historic Jack’s Market on Murphy Road in Sylvan Park.

48. At home in a foreign land: Nazar buries his young wife in foreign soil in a Nashville neighborhood.

49. An artist of slums at work in her West Nashville neighborhood.

50. The Bricks: A Tour of Nashville neighborhoods with Q: Part One

51. Mitchell Hilt’s secret life of bees in the backyards of old Belle Meade neighborhood Nashville.

52. Nashville Debutante McKinlee Prince-Jeffries attends her Cotillion Ball accompanied by her brother.

53. Master of the House, Billy, comes “home”

Jason Ridgel is The Man Who Married Nashville posing with friends at a party

54. The Man Who Married Nashville: Jason Ridgel.

55. True Nashville history: The Corral sisters unveil their hand-written family tree scroll in Sylvan Park.

56. 2019 NFL Draft Day: Nashville’s Alex Bars signs with the Chicago Bears.

57. Maddie Graham has a dance lesson with her fiance’ in her Belle Meade neighborhood Nashville.

58. Homeless, Jerry built a beautiful home for his beloved Eva in the heart of a Nashville public woodland.

59. Nashville neighborhoods explode with growth, and so do Nashville’s families: The Bars build a house and have a baby!

60. Jimmy and Misty get married in Nashville’s Germantown neighborhood.

61. Ryan built a dream in a West Nashville neighborhood.

62. The new Nashville is built on the old: Churches, Songwriters, and Honky-Tonks have made Nashville what it is today.

63. In Belle Meade neighborhood Nashville it is a barefoot summer that begins each year at the Iroquois Steeplechase.

64. Revisiting the “Artist of Slums” two years later in West Nashville.

65. It’s Black Tie charity at Nashville’s Best Dressed ball, 2017.

66. Nashville unites neighborhoods through friendship in North Nashville and Belle Meade.

67. The Nashville Way of Business: An unspoken agreement to treat people well.

68. Nashville neighborhoods make way for the new: The destruction of the historic LifeWay Draper Tower, January 6, 2018.

69. New Nashville keeps old Nashville alive at The Station Inn in the trendy Gulch neighborhood.

70. “Perhaps we have only suddenly been discovered because of things that have been here all along…”

71. A little girl among the mansions: Clare of Belle Meade neighborhood Nashville.

72. Men racing under stars on a Saturday night: America.

73. The secret life of a house is the most precious and authentic life of all…

74. Ken Jones may be homeless in Nashville but he has a bank account, a bicycle, and a plan.

Scoot and Eric of Jarvis Signs install wheat paste photographs on oldest bar in Tennessee, Nashville's Springwater Bar

75. We Are Nashville murals INSTALLATION: Springwater Bar on 27th Ave N next to Centennial Park.

76. Rose returns to her Percy Warner Park wonderland, 2020.

77. Detours and dead-ends still greet you in New Nashville: A walk down Nashville’s Delaware Ave.

78. In search of Camillo at Ed’s Hot Fish in a North Nashville neighborhood.

79. Behind every door is a story, even at Nashville’s Downtown Presbyterian Church.

80. The annual Reverend Enoch Fuzz birthday block party in Nashville.

81. Jimmy mentors his neighbor at a Germantown church in Nashville.

82. The window washers of the new Nashville: 505 building in downtown.

83. March 3, 2020: The day after the Tennessee tornado.

84. After the storm in Tennessee.

85. Nothing brings a city together like wonder: The 2017 Eclipse in Nashville, Tennessee.

86. Pure East Nashville: A night at American Legion Post number 82.

87. Bobby Jones Gospel Choir at Mount Zion Baptist Church, Nashville.

Jason Ridgel We Are Nashville murals INSTALLATION Murphy Rd

88. We Are Nashville murals INSTALLATION: Murphy Rd and 42nd Ave in Sylvan Park.

Adam Will at Broadway bar on St Patrick's Day in Nashville

89. Saint Patrick’s Day on Broadway in Nashville.

David Young at home after deadly March 2020 tornado Nashville suburb Donelson

90. Nashville builds people and teaches them to build others too.

Patio view of We Are Nashville murals installation at The Standard Club

91. We Are Nashville murals INSTALLATION: Rosa Parks/Standard cafe patio wall.

Staff of East Nashville boutique Molly Green stand in the destroyed business after the deadly march 2020 tornado

92. Molly Green lives on in East Nashville, even without the building.

Al Baugh stands with his angel statue following the deadly Nashville tornado in March 2020

93. Al’s Angel in Buena Vista neighborhood, Nashville.

Jarvis Signs installs wheat paste photos We Are Nashville murals INSTALLATION Music City Cleaners Jefferson St

94. We Are Nashville murals INSTALLATION: Music City Cleaners at Jefferson St and 7th Ave N.

Poster for Marshall Chapman plays a live show at Nashville Springwater Bar, the oldest bar in Tennessee

95. Marshall Chapman live at West Nasvhille’s Springwater, the oldest bar in Tennessee.

Nashville entrepreneur Eddie Lewis stands in front of We Are Nashville wheat paste mural at his business The Weave Spot on Jefferson Street

96. We Are Nashville murals INSTALLATION: 2627 Jefferson St.

Scoot and Eric of Jarvis Signs install giant photo murals on wall in East nashville

97. We Are Nashville murals INSTALLATION: 916 Main Street, East Nashville.

Quincy Jones shows us his childhood home during a tour of Nashville neighborhoods

98. “The Monument”: A Tour of Nashville neighborhoods with Q: Part II.

Former NFL player Brad Bars plays a pick up game of basketball with kids outdoor court in Nashville neighborhood

99. “The Court” : A Tour of Nashville neighborhoods with Q: Part III.

Original art by Mexican Original art by Mexican Immigrant Jesús in Nashville neighborhood Back Hoe

100. Jesús tells us about his life as a worker and an artist in his Nashville neighborhood.

Printed cover for Nashville Barnlofters Square Dance Club

101. The Barnlofters weekly square dance, Hermitage, Tennessee.

we crash a north nashville neighborhood birthday party 1

102. Crashing Redman’s birthday party in North Nashville neighborhood, September 2017.

Nashville bodyguard and security consultant JC Shegog portrait in Nashville neighborhood

103. JC Shegog: The Nashville Bodyguard.

Cyntoia Brown has first dinner with family after release in Nashville

104. Cyntoia Brown-Long has her first dinner with family days after her release.

former civil rights activist and entrepreneur Charlie Fenton tells stories surrounded by the artifacts of an extraordinary life

105. Nashville history lives in Charlie Fenton.

Jaguar E Type in Bob Acuff's East Nashville repair shop

106. Sitting in a dusty East Nashville neighborhood shop is a masterpiece. We suspect the man trained to fix it, though, is an even greater treasure.

Bradley has first haircut on Nashville neighborhood porch during pandemic

107. Bradley’s first haircut is a Nashville neighborhood house call.

June 4 2020 Nashville teen protest girl crying by cop

108. June 4, 2020: Nashville: Day, Night, The Street, The Cop, and The Tear we can listen to.

109. Many Nashville universities were founded on faith.

110. In a Nashville neighborhood is a woman with a camera made sacred by what she seeks.

111. The Sisters of St. Cecilia Motherhouse sing their prayers every night in Nashville.

112. “A little turtledovin'”: Ray Giles’ Saturday night serenade on Nashville’s Broadway.

113. A man in Nashville in Search of the Matador Spirit.


115. She met her first Santa Claus at a Nashville neighborhood Christmas party.

116. A Charity in The Nations.

117. Homeless in Nashville.

118. “I found my Ghost Cat in a Nashville riot…”

119. Daniel Rios Goes Seriously Pro in Nashville

120. The Voice

121. “We Are Nashville: A Family Portrait.” A film short. Only 22 minutes.

122. We Are Nashville: “The River.” 3:46

123. We Are Nashville: “The Bishop.” 4:56

124. We Are Nashville: “The Truck.” 2:35

125. We Are Nashville: “Graves.” 1:54

126. “My name is Erick.”

127. Faces of Nashville Installation at 512 Houston Street.

128. Wearable Art.

129. Lorena dreams of seeing “home” for the first time in her life. 15:32

Black and white illustration with cut-out photograph of statue with missing hand next to handwritten text: Sissy took us to the statue.

130. Sissy walks us to see early Nashville street art: Hand sculpted statues in the Mount Olivet Cemetery.

131. Take a sound journey into the singing prayers of St. Cecilia. 8:50.

132. Love.

133. Waking to magic

134. We Are Nashville Neighborhood Installations Mash-Up

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