64. Revisiting the “Artist of Slums” two years later in West Nashville.

17 February 2020, living room of Syann Summers, Skyview Apartments, Nashville. Two years ago Syann, then 19, dreamed of being an artist. She is in the same apartment on the top of the same hill overlooking the city of Nashville–though not the same city, it is a rapidly changing city–and she is still dreaming of art.

She went through her new notebooks with us, just before the virus interrupted the whole world and trapped us inside. Her new works was colorful, intriguing.

She has started taking requests, she said. Friends and family call her, send her a photo on Instagram, ask her, “Can you make a drawing of my photo for me?” It is a little side business for her, even though she says she is often reluctant to charge.

She draws the things she loves.

She does studies for future paintings. She likes the task of learning techniques for shading and color.

Sometimes she experiments.

She drew her cat, Oreo, who she said quit living with them last year. “He has his own family now. We see him sometimes. He lives on the street.”

Her little brother wanted a drawing of his father.

She likes self portraits.

She lives on top of a one of the highest hills in Nashville. She sometimes walks around the apartments at night and looks at the lights of the city. She said, “I wish I could go into space and see the stars.” She drew her little brother a picture of a tree and the stars.

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