29. Paul Cauthen and the birth of a song at a private dinner in Nashville.

Under her spell.

7 February 2018, singer/songwriter Paul Cauthen was sitting with friends at dinner in Nashville telling about the birth of a song. He said his songs are often the result of some passion, often a passionate disruption. He was telling the story of a song he was working on, saying it is the result of a girl. He said beautiful girls are his inspiration and his Achilles heel.

Cauthen picked up his guitar to play and, as if on cue, in walked a girl sure to break his heart. Cauthen began to sing.

The birth of a song is not the music and not the lyrics. It is what gives them to you. 

Later that night Paul and his friend Jonathan Tyler recorded the new song at Tyler’s East Nashville home studio.

A heavy-set bearded young man in light-toned cowboy hat and dark shirt plays guitar seated at large round table with young woman in tight black dress. The table is covered with black cloth. More than a dozen different types of glasses, plates, and cutlery sit on the table. The young woman is at the right end of the table and in the bottom center of the photograph. She is seated on front edge of a dark, upholstered chair with decorative silver upholstery pins at edges. She has long sleeves and and rests her left forearm on table while reaching with her right hand toward a tall cigar ash can on table top. She is holding a cigarette in right hand and blowing a long cone of smoke across the table that partially obscures the face of the guitarist who is seated to her right on far side of table. Behind the woman is a large, square painted canvas. Below the canvas is a narrow table holding several wine bottles, wine glasses, and an unlit pillar candle. Behind the man on the adjacent wall is a similar, smaller vertical rectangle painted canvas hung between two tall windows with several layers of victorian-style curtains covering the windows and tied back with knotted ropes. In top right quadrant of photo three small bell-shaped lights hang side by side in staggered lengths from thin metal stems surrounded by a cloud of swirling smoke coming from the woman's exhale.

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