56. 2019 NFL Draft Day: Nashville’s Alex Bars signs with the Chicago Bears.

It is a moment they have anxiously awaited. Alex Bars is hugged by his Serbian immigrant grandmother, “Babba,” on the day he is signed by the Chicago Bears during the NFL Draft, as family and friends look on, including pal Tennessee Titan Taylor Lewen, at Bars’ parents’ Green Hills, Nasvhille home, April 2019.

It was a long wait. A year ago things would have gone differently, said Bars’ brother Brad, currently a free agent and former NFL Giants player. Brad said Alex would have gone in the first round of the draft if not for an injury during his senior year at Noter Dame. “He will go soon, though,” Bars said. “He will be picked up.”

Above, sitting with his wife, sister, and cousin, Brad bows his head after another round passes without his brother being drafted. Soon though the family was celebrating when the Bears decided to take on Bars as an unsigned free agent.

The Bars family was one of the only draft families that did not allow ESPN to film at their house during draft day. It was not their first experience with pro sports press. The Bars have had almost every family member, male and female, play D-1 or pro sports for three generations.

Brad said they wanted the day for themselves. They wanted it to remain intimate and didn’t want strangers in their house. “You are welcome to come and bring your camera, though,” Bars said. “Because you are our neighbor!” 

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