59. Nashville neighborhoods explode with growth, and so do Nashville’s families: The Bars build a house and have a baby!

NFL free agent, financial manager, developer, husband, and, now, father, Brad Bars holds his newborn son, Bradley, next to his wife Alex at their home in Sylvan Park, 2019.

Just before Christmas in 2018 Brad and Alex began a major construction project building a new house in their backyard, unaware they were actually embarking on two major construction projects!

It was an old garage in the backyard. The idea was to tear it down and build a new garage with space for an apartment. But it turned into a whole new house. In the backyard!

Here Brad speaks with the builders on the second floor while the Bars’ dog Cooper looks on. They were making changes to the staircase, Brad said. The house was a lot more spacious than they had expected!

Almost as soon as they began construction they were surprised with a baby on the way! Below, Brad and Alex, days before the birth of their son, stand with Brad’s baby shoes from when he was born! Old things and new.

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