17. We Are Nashville murals INSTALLATION: Printers Alley between Church and Union in downtown Nashville

We begin to tell our story of Nashville. We decide the best way to begin is to share the story broadly. So we let the city become our gallery and we install the first photos of We Are Nashville on the sides of buildings. October 2019.

If you visit the installation you will see digital links (QR codes) below the photos that take you into the photos, quite literally–the photos speak through recorded sounds. The links also take you to the stories.

Watching the first photos being installed was truly awesome. How incredible to see these Kurdish dancers thirty-feet tall!

…And to see one of Nashville’s great show bands celebrated in all their brilliant color and verve!

There are even some unintended surprises. If you go inside the parking garage and view the photos from the backside during the daytime it is like seeing a giant, illuminated movie screen!

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