40. We Are Nashville murals INSTALLATION: Printers Alley II: Rose, Clare and Nashville’s parks.

We had an idea with our story of present day Nashville. Instead of simply publishing a book and having the extensive archive of photo stories exhibited in a gallery or museum we wanted to share the story with the widest range of people. Someone had the idea to tell our story on the walls of Nashville’s buildings. And so we have.

What better part of the city to begin than in historic Printers Alley–named for an industry built on story-telling: Printing! Gary Bowie is the man behind the restoration of Printers Alley and still owns several historic buildings. He gladly lent us his walls!

Here is where two stories become one story. That of Rose Jensen, now 13, and Clare Armistead, now 91.

Rose was from the Preston Taylor neighborhood of Nashville, a place the police call “the jungle” because of crime and poverty. Clare is from Belle Meade. These two ladies seem to have nothing in common except being female. They are from different backgrounds, different neighborhoods, and different generations. But they have one very important thing in common: For both of them the parks of Nashville are a vital part of their lives.

For Rose the parks are her escape from a difficult life. For Clare they are the hope of beauty and peace in a rapidly urbanizing world.

Though the two have never met, their lives no less intersect in the values of the place called Nashville.

BELOW: Rose visits the installments of photos and journal excerpts featuring herself and Miss Clare in the parks.

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