72. Men racing under stars on a Saturday night: America.

Former NFL Giants lineman and Nashville financial adviser and developer Brad Bars, left, talks with fellow dirt track racers under stars before a Saturday nigh charity derby just north of Nashville, in Franklin, Ky, October 2019.

Bars was the guest of honor for the night to help raise money for charity. “I thought my family was going to kill me for entering a crash-up-derby,” he said. “Our son is only a few months old!” But his wife Alex gave him her blessing, he said.

His friends painted a special car for him in the colors of the New York Giants and he drove in the main event, carrying Old Glory.

Here, Brad receives instruction from his race engineer in how to rescue himself in case of a fire and how to operate the custom race car.

Lots of jokes are made at Bars’ expense with his race crew telling him crash derby is a lot tougher than pro football.

Bars enters the track as the flag bearer but soon enough he is just another racer fighting for the prize.

A mechanical issue leaves Bars’ car dead in the mud part way through the final heat for the championship. After the race Bars agrees with his crew. “It was like being in a dozen back to back car wrecks.”

This is Saturday night in old America. Cowboys and engines. Even having fun the guys are happy to give to charity.

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