53. Master of the House, Billy, comes “home”

Smith House Maître D’ Billy Corr is welcomed “home” by Smith family children, Lauren Taylor and Hudson, at the Smith House restaurant at The Standard in downtown Nashville, September 2018.

Corr was returning to his duties following a near fatal accident the previous winter. The Smith children hugged him and greeted him. Billy said, “I have been with them since they were born.” 

FROM THE JOURNAL: 9 February 2018:

Received a message today from Joshua Smith: “As some of you may know, Billy, our Maître D’, was in a terrible head-on collision while taking a shuttle to the airport January 28th. He was injured badly…and has undergone 4 surgeries so far. He is currently…learning to walk again… Billy lives alone and has no family in Tennessee, so he would welcome any visitors.”I was surprised by the intimacy of his request. Joshua later phoned people to ask them to join him in visiting Billy.

The experience of seeing Billy embraced by his employer and customers felt like looking back in time when employees were friends and not just commodities.

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