81. Jimmy mentors his neighbor at a Germantown church in Nashville.

ABOVE: Dominique closes the door after greeting guests at 8th Street Baptist Church in January 2020.

Dominique is a neighbor of Jimmy Jensen: father, husband, factory worker, chaplain. Jimmy and his daughters invited the boy to attend church with them and Jimmy ended up becoming the boy’s mentor.

“He just kind of came along,” Jimmy said.

Jimmy’s daughter Tori said, “Dominique is a miniature version of our dad. He tries to do everything like our dad. It is kind of funny.”

In February 2020 Dominique and his entire family were baptized at the Jensens’ church in Germantown, Jimmy said. In a matter of months an entire family has made a joint decision to live their lives differently, which is no small matter, he says. Because it is difficult to change.

Jimmy says it is just one little invitation that can change a life. As Jimmy would know. People are sometimes rescued en-masse, he says. But more typically people are rescued one at a time. So Jimmy takes the time to pay attention to people.

Jimmy says it isn’t about church buildings and religion. He is not interested in converting people to a religion. He believes in Jesus and he believes it is a supernatural thing that has changed his own life–only a few years ago he was in jail and facing a potential 65-year sentence. He said he just wants to let people know change is possible, that it’s never too late and you are never too far gone. And you are never too young to begin.

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