60. Jimmy and Misty get married in Nashville’s Germantown neighborhood.

Not all Nashville brides are visitors from out of town. Mrs. Misty Jensen and new husband Jimmy make their exit following getting married, at Eighth Street Baptist Church in Germantown, January 26, 2020.

Misty and Jimmy met at their factory job in Nashville where both were rebuilding their lives. They were married on Jimmy’s “Jesus birthday,” the day Jimmy marks as the beginning of his new life–the day he turned away from crime and said yes to living humbly for what he says are life’s truest things, faith and family.

It was a simple ceremony in the church Jimmy and Misty call home, where Jimmy also serves as an Associate Pastor.

Misty said she not only gains a husband, but she gains three daughters! Jimmy’s girls, Teresa, Victoria, and Ariana Rose.

The future daughters walk Misty to the front of the church where they then officially “gave her away” to their father.

Misty and Jimmy are greeted by friends following their ceremony.

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