7. Jace is Baptized, 25 August 2019 at Temple Baptist Church in North Nashville.

Jace Prince-Gregory’s mother, Semone, told a funny story. She said while Jace was in Spain for the summer (2019) with his father they went to a beach and there were women who seemed to have forgotten some of their clothing. She said his father joked about the day and how he wondered how it affected his pre-teen son. Semone said when Jace landed in Nashville after the summer in Spain the first thing he did was say he was ready to join the church and he asked to be baptized.

It was a funny story. But there is also something comforting about the timing of her son’s decision, she said. A boy goes on an adventure and is introduced to a different part of the world and a different culture and hi response to the adventure is to return home and go deeper into his roots and his faith.

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