58. Homeless, Jerry built a beautiful home for his beloved Eva in the heart of a Nashville public woodland.

In the heart of the city of Nashville, in a public woodland, Jerry built a home for his beloved Eva.

He built the home because he had to. He built it with his own hands.

He was without a home. He was on the streets. Wandering place to place. He worked for a while as a Contributor newspaper vendor so he could try to rent a home. But circumstances prevented him continuing. He is technically disabled now and unable to work. He was “squatting” in a wooded area of the city and he decided why not build his own house?

First he built a little cabin, which is now a guest house–though he rarely has a guest. Then he built a workshop.

He built an outdoor shower, a dog pen for his dog Sheba, a garden, and most recently the “main house.”

This is Jerry entering his workshop, which is attached to his “summer” kitchen.

In their kitchen they keep a few essentials.

Eva said she loves her house because Jerry made it a real home. She said Jerry found a painting in the garbage and brought it back. “His sister in Florida used to have the exact same painting hanging on her wall. Imagine that.”

Jerry likes to keep a garden. He said his mother always kept a garden. He shows us a photograph of his mother in her garden. “Look at the sign she put in her garden,” he says. “It says GARDEN OF EATIN.” Jerry laughs.

Jerry has is own sense of humor. He says he named their place Hobo Dynasty. “You know, like the television show Duck Dynasty,” he says. And he likes to carve faces and stories into wood.

He carves amusing walking canes. And some of the trees around their place bear the faces of his imagination. On one tree is carved a heart with his and Eva’s initials.

Jerry said Eva always wanted a porch with a swing, so he built her both.

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