Ehab’s 500 stories


Ehab’s 500 stories

Every staple, every thumbtack once held a message from someone.

When Ehab Sabry immigrated to Nashville from Cairo, Egypt he said the first thing he saw when he got off the plane were the telephone polls.

“In Egypt we bury everything. Everything is underground.”

Ehab said he walked up to a telephone pole and looked and saw nails and staples and thumbtacks.


Nashville is the biggest little village in the world!

He said he was amazed because every nail, every staple, every thumbtack once held a sign, a message from someone.

Lost puppy.

Yard sale.


He said, “Those weren’t nails tome. Those were all stories. Five-hundred different stories!”

Ehab said Nashville is big but it feels little. He said, “Nashville is the biggest little village in the world!”

He said this will change, though, unless people in Nashville decide to protect these things. He said, “In ten years all people will have are museums” of these things unless they preserve them. He said Nashville still has its old story living among the new.

Ehab's 500 Stories
Stories from a telephone pole
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