26. Cyntoia Brown-Long walks in a garden on her first day of freedom.

On the morning of her first full day of freedom, Cyntoia Brown-Long wanted to walk in a garden. Her publicist Wes Yoder brought her to his family’s home in Nashville.

Holding fresh-picked fruit in her hands Cyntoia said, “I had only seen this on t.v. before. I had never experienced this in real life.” She walked with Wes and her husband Jaime picking and tasting vegetables and talking about all the things they would make together in their kitchen.

We walked with them to a tiny chapel Wes had built outside the garden. “We never had a ceremony,” she said. So standing there with friends in the glow of morning light and new freedom they made a little ceremony of prayer for themselves.

Nashville, August 8, 2019. 


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