27. Christening “Little Clare” at Cockrill Spring–a piece of Nashville history hidden in a corner of Centennial Park.

Clare Armistead loves the parks of Nashville. When you meet Clare one of the first things she asks you is what parks in Nashville you have visited. Then she tells you the secret spots and trails to visit that you may or may not have heard of.

Cockrill Spring, the natural spring now flowing through a beautiful aqua-terrace in Nashville’s Centennial Park in the West End, is a special place for Clare. So it was a fitting site for the 2018 Christening of her great-granddaughter who is named in her honor, little Clare.

Ron Taylor, Nashville water historian and Program Director for Clean Water Nashville, had told the story of the discovery and restoration of Cockrill Spring. How workers had accidentally uncovered it and how a group of Nashville families organized to preserve it. He said in Nashville the parks are not mere monuments of Nashville history but are an extension of the fellowship of the city.

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