134. We Are Nashville Neighborhood Installations Mash-Up

We launched the We Are Nashville story by turning Nashville neighborhoods into living galleries.

We began by taking over two buildings in Nashville’s historic Printer’s Alley. We draped the buildings with giant photographs of characters from the We Are Nashville story. At first these photographs had no branding. We returned to the installations later and installed QR codes that literally allowed the photos to speak–through recorded sounds and links to the stories on the We Are Nashville website. A month later we returned to add 300 more feet of images, these depicting a pair of We Are Nashville photo stories in the tradition of the former Life Magazine photo essays. 

Then the story spread across Nashville From parking garages to construction sites to vacant walls of businesses and even covered private homes! And after the devastating tornado of 2020 we covered the broken buildings with giant portraits of those who survived as a memorial to Nashville’s resilience!

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